We know every church probably says this, but we really do have the best church family in the world! We are as diverse as the community in which we live, and we come from different backgrounds, cultures and mindsets. Our common bonds are our love for Jesus, our love for this church and our love for each other. We put that love into action around here. When someone at Voice Of Praise says they love you, they mean it and they show it. Our relationships with the Lord and with each other are important to us. We try to strengthen those relationships every time we gather together for worship, fellowship, or service. Studying and teaching God’s Word is important to us and we place special emphasis and creativity on the teaching of God’s Word from our pulpit, our classrooms and our conversations.  We don’t place much emphasis on how we dress for church. God Himself said that He didn’t look at the outward appearance but instead He looks at the heart.  At Voice Of Praise Worship Center, we want people to know that you can truly come as you are. If jeans and a t-shirt is what you want to wear, that’s OK. If you prefer to wear your Sunday best, that’s OK too. We have people who dress on both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between. All we ask, is that you consider modesty in your dress. Our Pastor may be dressed in a suit, but other leaders will be much more casual. We want you to feel at home. If we had to sum up the Voice Of Praise church family in just a few words we’d say we are ordinary people worshiping an Extreme God.