Our Praise and Worship Team is made up of singers and musicians who are dedicated to the Lord and have a desire in their heart to worship Him and lead others into worship as well. They are not performers. They are not putting on a show. And they are not trying to lead people somewhere they do not want to go. They are simply anointed men and women who allow God to use them as they use their gifts of singing and playing instruments to set an authentic and accessible atmosphere of worship as we gather together in His name. Much of
our worship at Voice of Praise is “prophetic worship” which means we allow the words the Lord speaks to our worship team to overflow from their hearts as they lead us in worship. Sometimes this manifests itself in words of wisdom, words of knowledge, heavenly prayer language or what the Psalms call a “new song” as the Holy Spirit sings through our singers. If the Lord speaks we want to hear Him and listen and respond. During our worship we make room for the Lord to move and we welcome it and anticipate it during our services.

Our Praise and Worship Team is led by Pam Browning and if you feel like the Lord may be leading you to join our worship team, please set up a time to meet with Pam and Pastor N.R. so they can talk to you about what is expected of a worship team member and what the current needs of the team are. Please continue to pray for Pam and the worship team as what they do is so important and often draws the attacks of the enemy. I know they will appreciate your prayers and intercession.