Ready, Set, Go! – Lizzie & Sierra

Ready, Set, Go! – June 10, 2016

Ready Set Go new
Alexis hosts a game show, Dave has trouble with names, “Yoplait” wins, and bye Warren. 

Ready, Set, Go! – June 3, 2016

Ready Set Go new
Moses and the burning bush, donut day, studio invasion and Warren has his own conversation. 

Ready, Set, Go! – May 13, 2016

Ready Set Go new
Recorded live May 13, 2016 on Extreme Voice Radio

Ready, Set, Go! – April 15, 2016

Ready Set Go new
Listen as Extreme Youth discuss social media, and talent, and then random stuff.

Ready, Set, Go! – Quiz show!

Ready Set Go new
 Listen as Dave & Dr. Step terrorizes the teenagers with trivia!

Extreme Voice Radio LIVE!


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Ready, Set, Go! – Recorded live Dec. 5, 2014

Listen as the crew cuts up and discusses tithing.

Ready, Set, Go! – 10/24/14

Ready, Set, Go! – Broadcast live 10/24/14
Extreme Voice Youth continue to talk about Joseph.  Green Jello?  Fears, and Halloween.

Ready, Set, Go! – Master Promo

Here is the intro promo for Extreme Voice Youth’s new talk show, Ready, Set, Go!